Playstation 3 Simulation Games

    • Star Trek for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
      The award-winning Star Trek game casts players for the first time ever as Kirk and Spock in a totally original co-op experience worthy of gamers and fans. Set in the new canon of director and producer J.J. Abrams' ...
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    • Top Gun: Hard Lock for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
      Top Gun Hard Lock features aerial dog-fighting at jet speed, with the flair of a modern day action movie blockbuster! Tail-gaiting MiGs at Mach 2, this mass-market action game thrusts you right into the DANGER ...
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    • Sims 3, The: Pets for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
      Create perfect-or imperfect-pets for your Sims, from fierce guard dogs to destructive kittens to trusty horses as you determine their looks-and personality traits. Treat your Sims and their pets to an exclusive ...
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    • HAWX for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
      Tom Clancy's HAWX, a private military force has cumulated power and attacks the USA. Thrust into the cockpits of incredibly powerful and technologically advanced jet fighters, you will benefit from hi-tech ...
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    • Blazing Angels 2 Secret Missions of WWII for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
      In this game, you are the leader of Operation Wildcard, an undercover and elite squad of pilots secretly created by the American government. Your mission is to sabotage and destroy the Third Reich's evil plans to ...
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    • Afrika for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
      Explore the wildlife of Africa in this revolutionary game! Africa's animals and plants are all rendered in stunning photorealistic detail. As a photographer, you'll use licensed, real-world photography equipment ...
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