Other Super Nintendo Accessories

    • Game Genie for Super Nintendo (SNES)
      The Game Genie for Super Nintendo allows for cheat codes on the vast majority of SNES titles. It works by placing the Game Genie in the SNES console and inserting any compatible game into the slot on the top of ...
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    • Super GameBoy for Super Nintendo (SNES)
      A Nintendo brand adapter cartridge for the SNES designed to play Game Boy Original games on the SNES console. Cartridge fits into SNES console and the Game Boy cartridge fits into a slot on top of the Super Game ...
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    • Mouse Only for Super Nintendo (SNES)
      The mouse hardware for select SNES titles, most notably Mario Paint. Connects with a wired SNES controller port, operates via track ball seeker and left and right click buttons. Does not include a mouse ...
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    • Super Scope w/ Receiver and Sight for Super Nintendo (SNES)
      The SNES Nintendo brand light gun and sensor for use with select Super-Scope compatible games. This hardware requires a tube type television and will not work with flat screen LED, LCD, or Plasma ...
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