Nintendo NES Party/Trivia Games

    • Monopoly for Nintendo (NES)
      The classic board game of property management, MONOPOLY, comes to the Nintendo. Choose from a wide array of tokens including the car, boot, thimble, and dog. When you get out on the board, your goal is to ...
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    • MTVs Remote Control for Nintendo (NES)
      Now you can play the only game show that started in a basement right on your NES! Just answer the absurd questions about Rock 'n' Roll and Junk Trivia and win lots of points. Senseless? You bet! Fun? Always! ...
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    • Battleship for Nintendo (NES)
      Now it's your turn to sink your opponent's battleship in this NES rendition of the classic strategic board game. Players deploy all four of their ships to different areas on a grid, and take turns firing ...
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    • Anticipation for Nintendo (NES)
      Anticipation combines aspects of connect-the-dots and Win, Lose or Draw. The play mechanics and controls are extremely user-friendly. Once you guess the name of an object, it's simple to spell it out using ...
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    • Othello for Nintendo (NES)
      Black and White. The battle of opposites... as old as time itself... comes to life in Othello. Its origins are part Western, part Eastern. Othello is fast-paced, as easy to learn as checkers, yet as ...
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