Nintendo NES Fighting Games

    • Punch-Out for Nintendo (NES)
      You are Little Mac, who may be the smallest boxer in the ring, but has a lot of heart. Battling your way through numerous comical boxers, including Soda Popinski and Mr. Sandman, the ultimate goal is to fight ...
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    • Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for Nintendo (NES)
      Mike Tyson's Punch Out is a 1 player fighting game. The player plays as a boxer named Little Mac as he climbs his way up the Professional Boxing ladder to be a world champion. You will face off agaisn't several ...
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    • Power Punch 2 for Nintendo (NES)
      You're Mark Tyler, and by the year 2006, you've successfully defended your Heavyweight title nine times. In order to determine the best boxer in the universe, the Intergalactic Boxing Federation has invited you ...
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    • Karate Champ for Nintendo (NES)
      Your karate championship is at stake. Can you master all the lunges, kicks, spins, somersaults, foot sweeps, reverse punches, and defensive blocks needed to retain your title? Move fast and play smart or ...
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    • Kung Fu for Nintendo (NES)
      You'll need lightning fast reactions to knock out the Knife Thrower, stop the Stick Fighter, and trip up the evil Tom Tom Brothers in this action-packed martial arts contest! Are you sure you're tough ...
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    • Best of the Best Championship Karate for Nintendo (NES)
      All your life you've dreamed of being the 'Best of the Best.' You've studied karate since you were old enough to walk, learning not only the physical aspects of the sport but the spiritual ones as well. After ...
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