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    Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) - Used

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    Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
    An RPG by Kouji Okada (the father of the Shin Megami Tensei series), Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner focuses on monster collection and battles. You play as Vyse, a Jewel Summoner. Jewel Summoners are people who can summon monsters that have been changed into jewel form. While Vyse never underwent the training required to become a Jewel Summoner, he did inherit a charm from his mother which gave him the summoning abilities. Vyse heads off on a quest to find Shenah, the killer of his mother. Vyse has some support characters at his side. He travels alongside a monster, Shateen, and will meet other Jewel Summoners, including Grey, the son of the former head of parliament, and Lin, a prophet who forsaw the destruction Shenah would bring to the world. The game features over 100 monsters, and includes ad-hoc wireless connectivity to battle players or trade jewels.

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