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    Saitek AV8R-02 Joystick for XBOX 360 - Used

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    Saitek AV8R-02 Joystick for XBOX 360
    Washed-up celebrities, naked ninja pirates, human cannonball cars, and sex-toy warfare now have something in common - Saints Row: The Third The Full Package. Get ready for unbelievably outrageous and hilariously bewildering scenes when you play this Microsoft Xbox 360 video game. You get to explore every part of this crazy world in this open world game that leaves nothing to the imagination. As king of Stilwater, you have to hit the streets of Steelport to face the demands of the Syndicate in this Microsoft Xbox 360 video game. Proceed through this open world game, one challenge at a time as you disrupt and dismantle the Syndicate's hold on cyber crimes, weapons, and sex trades. From riding a massive tank through the sky to skydiving naked, Saints Row: The Third gives you the chance to do things you'd never even dreamed of trying. What's more, with this Microsoft Xbox 360 video game, you can create, share, and download the most outlandish and bizarre characters ever seen.

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