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    Samurai Showdown Sen for XBOX 360 - Used

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    Samurai Showdown Sen for XBOX 360
    SNK Playmore's long-running weapons-based fighting series celebrates its 17th year of existence with high-resolution visuals, 24 different fighters, and devastatingly brutal finishing moves in Samurai Shodown Sen.The game takes place as Western influences threaten to bring down a once secretive culture of lords and samurai, and players must battle such familiar characters as Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Ukyo in order keep the devious Golba from gaining power. The combat system employs a variety of slashes and pivot moves, including powerful horizontal power slashes, lightning-quick vertical slashes, deflections, and guard shatter moves that all serve to build up the "Rage Gauge." A full Rage Gauge lets players unleash powerful "Rage Explosions" that deal massive damage and repel enemy attacks, but the battle is never over, because the last-ditch "Fatal Flash" maneuver allows gamers to escape from the brink of defeat by dealing a single deadly blow to an opponent. There are dozens of unique moves to learn for each character, and players can sharpen their skills by heading online to take on friends in head-to-head Xbox Live matches.

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