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    Eye of the Beholder for Super Nintendo (SNES) - Used

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    Eye of the Beholder for Super Nintendo (SNES)
    Eye of the Beholder's story begins with a meeting called by Piergeiron, the current Lord of Waterdeep, with the party. He hands them a letter describing a threat that his friend, the Archmage, Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, has detected witin the city and requests that the party investigate the disturbances and, if necessary, deal with them in whatever method they see fit. They are given an official commission from the city and are quickly ushered to the sewers where they believe the threat to be located. However, their unseen nemesis has been waiting for them and the only way out is suddenly blocked by a thundering avalanche of rocks and stone, forcing the player to delve deeper below the streets of Waterdeep and to a confrontation with their foe. After a series of traps and challenges that the party encounters during the adventure, they come face to face with Xanathar, a beholder who is also acting as the major crime lord of Waterdeep who has been plotting his ascension to power. After a climactic battle in which Xanathar is defeated, the party is celebrated as heroes of the city.

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