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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Nintendo 3DS - Used

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Nintendo 3DS
Incorporating characters, settings, and storylines from the first four entries in Disney's blockbuster film series, this adaptation of Pirates of the Caribbean continues in the tradition of earlier LEGO games based on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. Over 20 whimsical levels are included as players guide "minifig" versions of Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann across locales based on Port Royal, Tortuga, Isla de Muerta, Shipwreck Cove, and Sparrow's ship, the Black Pearl. Characters will engage in lighthearted swordplay against soldiers, skeletons, and other enemies while solving puzzles and interacting with objects in the environment. As with previous titles in the LEGO series, you'll quickly assemble items throughout each area to reveal treasures, unlock secret areas, or to complete objectives. The action is once again viewed from a third-person perspective as up to two friends or family members work together via local wireless connection. Over 70 playable characters are included in total, with a "free play" mode allowing players to revisit their favorite scenes with their choice of heroes or villains. Preceded only by LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean is among the series' earliest releases for the handheld. The Nintendo 3DS edition of the game offers exclusive features, in addition to the main adventure found in all versions. Using the 3DS' Street Pass awareness, the game can detect another nearby Pirates of the Caribbean player, and initiate a "Pirate Duel." By participating in a duel, players earn coins to unlock new characters. Winning the duel also awards experience points, for custom upgrades.

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