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    Truxton for SEGA Genesis - Used

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    Truxton for SEGA Genesis
    Red alert! An entire fleet of Gidan aliens are zooming toward planet Borogo, the place you call home. The evil Gidans have already destroyed your planet's cargo bay in deep space and are now headed your way. As Tom the Bomb, brave patriot and ace pilot, you are Borogo's only hope. You must board your Super Fighter assault ship and meet the alien attack head on. You'll battle the mighty Gidans through five levels of play above eight different asteroids. Gairun Mother Ships, Looping Energy Buoys, Large Acid-Spewing Berangs, turret guns, vacuum lasers, homing tanks and other strange enemies (large and small) and dangerous weapons flood the screen, forcing you to swerve and sway and blast away at everything you see. At the end of each of the five levels, you'll face a Monster Power boss. These include J-Tank, Badron, Dosvam, Gurus and Dogurava. Your powerful Super Fighter is decked out with three giant skull-faced Destroyer Bombs, which when detonated blast everything onscreen, and an unlimited supply of Power Shots, which fire in three directions at once. Throughout the game you can change your current firepower to a different weapon, including those you can retrieve when you destroy a Gidan alien or ship. Simply fly over one of the icons you'll find floating in space. You can also pick up speed boosters. Special weapons include the Truxton Beam, Thunder Laser and Power Booster, the latter of which boosts the strength of your current weapon. Each weapon can also be upgraded: Thunder Blasters can fire up to five lasers in succession, and Power Shots can shoot in as many as five directions at once. When your Power Shots are fully charged, you can deploy support ships that fire a special Rainbow Circle Shot to protect you in all directions at once. Truxton lets you choose from three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. Depending on the difficulty level, you are given a certain number of continues in each game. You begin with three ships and gain a new one for reaching 70,000 points, 270,000 points, and every 200,000 points after that. You can also add to your reserves by flying over 1-up and 2-up icons.

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