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    Cadash for SEGA Genesis - Used

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    Cadash for SEGA Genesis
    While humans enjoyed the freedom and prosperity of their world, the demons of the underworld longed for the life humans led a life that they once shared. While reluctantly accepting of their fate, an ambitious demon the Balrog promised his brethren a human kingdom if he could mix his blood with that of a human king. In order to gain leverage, he kidnapped Princess Salassa and took her to the Castle Cadash. King Dirzar, beside himself with grief, offered his kingdom to any brave warrior who was able to rescue his daughter and return her to safety. After several men ventured into the underworld never to return, the King was despondent. Now, it's your turn to enter the great unknown and return the Princess to her father. Will the kingdom be yours, or will you just be another casualty?

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