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    Everblue 2 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Everblue 2 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Everblue 2 invites players to freely explore and interact in aquatic environments. They'll control a young scuba diver named Leonardo, who finds himself on Valentir Island after being caught in a storm at sea. A friendly woman presents a series of deep-sea trials, to earn a place in her scuba-diving gang, the Amigos. Leonardo will venture into the oceanic depths around the island in to acquire fish, find lost items, or simply to scavenge for anything that may seem valuable. From a first-person perspective, players search for items with the aid of a sonar device and a map that details significant areas and other pertinent information. Items acquired while scavenging the wrecks of ships, and other assorted treasures of the deep, take up space in a bag of limited size. Additionally, heavier items will shorten the duration of time Leonardo can spend underwater. Once back on dry land, collected "booty" can be appraised and sold. While on shore, players can explore the island, visiting areas such as the Central Square and Old Market, all while uncovering the mysteries and secrets surrounding this sleepy island. Aside from the wealth of sunken treasure to be found, players can also catalog the marine life encountered by photographing, and later capturing them. Health and Air points decrease with each subsequent dive, and must be regenerated through rest or medicinal items purchased on shore. Naturally, the sea life poses a threat to the player, be it through poisoning or attack by sharks and other ravenous denizens of the deep. The more time spent underwater, the stronger and fitter the character will become.

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