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    Catwoman for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Catwoman for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    As a svelte and sexy creature, fully blessed with formidable assets both feline and feminine, gamers stalk evil in the night to bring justice back home to a troubled city. Like the Warner Bros. feature film on which it is based, this action-adventure takes some creative license with the Selina Kyle/Catwoman mythology familiar to fans of DC Comics. The heroine of this tale is Patience Phillips, a kind and quiet woman who was murdered after learning too much about her employers' dark secrets, but who was brought back from death by an ancient Egyptian magic to seek vengeance against her killers. The game's main character is fashioned after Halle Berry's cinematic portrayal. She can perform superhuman feats of agility, such as leaping across wide gaps, scaling walls, and dodging bullets. Catwoman is equipped with a special whip, which she can use to attack enemies, to swing from place to place, or just to get the boys' attention. She also benefits from her "cat senses," which help her anticipate danger. Yet the supernatural heroine will test the limits of these amazing abilities in the challenge she now faces. As she sets out to discover the culprits behind her murder, she enters the grim criminal underworld of a dangerous mastermind, who would surely be pleased to see her slain a second time.

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