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    Backyard Wrestling 2 There Goes The Neighborhood for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Backyard Wrestling 2 There Goes The Neighborhood for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Backyard Wrestling is about violent, amateur, hand-to-hand battles fought in everyday locations, with spontaneous action and unexpected results; this second game from Paradox Development and Eidos Interactive casts the player as the star of the show. Aspiring backyard champions create a custom character, who will battle his or her way through a slew of other contenders in the hope of winning a spot on an upcoming Backyard Wrestling pay-per-view event. The sequel boasts a new graphics engine, which can create more realistic background environments as well as better detailed characters and animations. It also has a new control scheme, intended to offer more precise command of a wrestler's moves without becoming too complex for the fast-paced action. Like the original, Backyard Wrestling 2 is inspired by a home video series that features amateur athletes performing violent, "big-time wrestling" moves, outside the relative safety of the wrestling ring. Instead, these truly no-holds-barred competitions take place in trailer parks, burger joints, and of course, backyards. Not by any means to be confused with Humongous' Backyard series of sports games for younger players, Eidos' Backyard Wrestling is designed for mature gamers and it pulls no punches. Gameplay generally involves inflicting as much pain to an opponent as possible, often using furniture, tools and other found objects as weapons. As much as the original, Backyard Wrestling 2 strives to live up to the underground culture that is its inspiration, and further affirms its "alternative" authenticity with a soundtrack featuring over three dozen songs from artists such as Insane Clown Posse, Andrew W.K., Hoobastank, Gwar, and Body Count.

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