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    Cabelas Big Game Hunter for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Cabelas Big Game Hunter for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Cabela's Big Game Hunter series comes to the PlayStation 2 for the first time with a game based on the original release and title of 1998, with upgrades and enhanced features. The series has seen multiple iterations since the initial release, predominantly for the PC; a single title, Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Ultimate Challenge, appeared on the PlayStation in 2001. Boasting realistic animal movement based on actual Department of Natural Resources research data, Big Game Hunter lets players stalk more than two dozen North American animals through eight locations (Montana, Arizona, Quebec, British Columbia, Texas, Alaska, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories). Game features include Quick Hunt and Career Hunt modes, three difficulty settings (easy, medium, and hard), and more than a dozen characters (eight must be unlocked), ranging from teenagers to wily veterans with unique strengths and weaknesses. Each location contains a central lodge with an expert regional hunting guide and a store for purchasing weapons, tags, equipment, and accessories, with a target range available to test and sight in new weapons. Players can view trophies earned with accompanying statistics (scoring, time of kill, shooting distance, and weapon) at a cozy log cabin at any time during the game. Two modes of strategy, wilderness tracking and stand ambush, give players a choice when planning field trips into the wild environments. The former relies mostly on calls and scent, with special emphasis on staying downwind when pursuing game, while the latter method requires patience and employing lures, decoys, and calls. Equipment in Big Game Hunter ranges from medical kits and maps to binoculars, a GPS, and tents, with more than a dozen weapons (rifles, bows, and more) available in the arsenal. Big game includes polar bear, wolf, moose, caribou, Bighorn, Pronghorn, cougar, deer, grizzly, elk, wild boar, musk ox, coyote, and many more.

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