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    Transformers for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Transformers for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Based on the Cartoon Network animated television series, itself inspired by Hasbro's classic toy line that offered its owners "more than meets the eye," Transformers Armada follows the mechanical exploits of the Autobots and their archenemies the Decepticons as they struggle for power. Players can select from three Autobots, whose name is derived from the group's ability to transform into modern day vehicles, in the war against the evil Decepticons. In the year 2010, three Earth children stumble upon an ancient ship filled with Mini-Cons, a long-forgotten source of energy coveted by both warring sides of the Transformers. Members of the Autobots and Decepticons learn of this discovery and chart a course for Earth to seek out the Mini-Cons, which grant new powers to those who find them -- powers that may once and for all end the heated conflict between Transformers. Playable characters include Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, and Red Alert as players explore locales set in Alaska, the Amazon, Antarctica, and a Pacific island. The Autobots will also infiltrate a Decepticon ship and return to their home planet of Cybertron while battling boss characters, such as Megatron, Starscream, Tidal Wave, and others along the way. To help succeed in their mission, the Autobots must acquire as many Mini-Cons as possible, which will imbue them with powers like stealth, energon vision (to detect Decepticons), and various other special abilities.

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