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    Suikoden III 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Suikoden III 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    The Suikoden series debuted in the early days of the original PlayStation. Six years after the first game and three years since the second, Konami brings the series back with Suikoden III for the PlayStation 2. The series, known for its impressive storytelling and memorable characters, has been translated entirely into 3D. Taking place 15 years after the conclusion of Suikoden II, players follow the stories of Hugo, son of the Leader of the Karaya Clan, Chris, a virtuous Knight of Zexen, and Geddoe, a mysterious unit commander. Utilizing the new "Trinity Sight System," players can view the storyline from the three characters' perspectives. Seeking to reunite the kingdom and quell unrest, Hugo, Chris, and Geddoe can recruit over 100 unique characters and build fortresses to house them. Popular in previous games of the series, the fortress system now accommodates many more configurations.The battle system in Suikoden III has also been overhauled, with new features such as the Battle Pairing System that allows characters to combine special attacks for devastating effects.

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