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    Kengo: Master of Bushido for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Kengo: Master of Bushido for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    The unofficial third title in the Bushido Blade series, Kengo: Master of Bushido brings the first sword-fighting simulation to the PlayStation 2. Developed by Lightweight, the third installment of the series changes the pace of the game with the addition of life bars and "combo" special attacks. While the predecessors focused on the same style of swordplay, the victor of the battles was unclear until the very end. The addition of life-bars specifically steers this title more towards arcade than simulation. Kengo: Master of Bushido introduces several different modes of play including a practice mode and a character story mode. New graphics featured in Kengo: Master of Bushido include light trails to emphasize blade movement, improved skin textures, hair, and clothes to further define opponents as unique characters, and motion-blurring during fast-action sequences. When a strike is landed, blood spreads differently across the affected area, staining clothing and skin with a crimson flow. The goal of the mission-based game is to battle your opponents using a variety of attacks and defensive moves. With attacks and damage specific to different parts of the body, players can disable arms and legs of their opponents, seriously hampering movement. In addition to disabling opponents, this location-specific combat means that certain hits to specific body parts can (and do) cause instant death. Defensive maneuvers include standard movement as well as slides, rolls, hops and strafes. Hone your blade, strap on your sheath, and get ready to fight!

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