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Soldier of Fortune Gold Edition for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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Soldier of Fortune Gold Edition for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
The original PC release of Soldier of Fortune garnered critical praise and a loyal fan base. The thoughtful, violent first-person action comes to the PS2 console with this port by Pipe Dream. Players take the role of super-soldier John Mullins, a highly-skilled mercenary hired by the government to take care of some business that's a little too messy to be dealt with through more official channels. The mission, which will lead Mullins through ten dangerous international locations, is to track down and eliminate members of a powerfully deadly terrorist organization. Brains can be more effective than brawn and it may serve the operative well to maintain a low profile. Other characters in the game will react naturally to Mullins, often ignoring him unless he blows his cover. Enemies also react realistically in battle. 26 distinct hit locations determine enemy's response, falling to the ground in pain when shot in the leg but dropping almost instantly when shot in the head. Mullins' equipment includes a wide selection of modern weaponry. With a sniper rifle, grenades, and futuristic prototype pulse gun at his disposal, part of the challenge is to choose the right weapon for the job.

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