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    SSX: Tricky for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    SSX: Tricky for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Falling somewhere between an update and a sequel, SSX Tricky takes elements from the first game and expands them, creating a remix with enough new content to call itself a stand-alone title. The game takes the fundamentals of snowboarding and throws in a dash of motocross and fighting to create an over-the-top experience that skirts the line between simulation and arcade. The interface is very similar to the previous game in the series, as players can choose to either Race or Show Off, going for medals that increase your rider's attributes, which range from speed to tricks to edging. SSX Tricky offers two new courses and brings back all the originals, such as Aloha Ice Jam and Tokyo Megaplex. Each of the returning levels has been changed, some more than others, and a few are completely unrecognizable. In addition to the new level setup, the Show Off venues have had numerous pipes added in an attempt to make their feel significantly different from their Race counterparts. Six of the original characters have returned, along with six new characters, and the game features a host of celebrity voices, from Lucy Liu to Oliver Platt. In addition to a revamped trick book system, the boost system has been upgraded to include super moves. Also new to SSX Tricky is an Aggression Meter that keeps track of how much you shove people when racing. Push too much, and you'll make enemies who will gun for you when on the slopes.

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