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    Freekstyle for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Freekstyle for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Infused with elements from EA Big's SSX and Sled Storm titles, Freekstyle offers an arcade-oriented take on the motocross racing genre. As in the aforementioned titles, the emphasis is on performing stunts and tricks. Using a combination of shoulder button presses, it's possible to execute an astonishing assortment of tricks and combinations. Successfully doing so will fill the player's turbo meter. Stringing multiple tricks together, however, fills what's known as the "Freekstyle" meter. Once filled, a four-button "Freekout" trick can be performed, that, if executed successfully, will imbue the rider with blistering speed. The rider will remain in this state until he crashes or is unable to perform any more tricks. Of course, while trying to perform all manner of stunts and complete the requisite three laps, the player still needs to contend with fellow competitors for race positions. Freestyle, Freeride, and Race modes provide ample opportunity to practice on previously unlocked tracks. The main mode, the Circuit mode, is the one in which players can unlock new courses, riders, bikes, and the like. After choosing from a selection of eight professional riders and famous personalities, including Clifford Adoptante, Stefy Bau, Mike Jones, Greg Albertyn, and Leann Tweeden (each of whom has a unique set of tricks and abilities), players will be thrust into nine outlandish venues, such as Rocket Garden, Crash Pad, Crust Belt, The Burbs, and more. The ultimate goal is to win the title with the character of your choosing. The multiplayer portion of the game consists of Head-to-Head and Countdown modes. The latter pits both players against the clock and points must be earned by performing stunts in order to stay alive. The Head-to-Head mode is simply a race to the finish with all the accompaniments of a standard race, including the Freekout meter. The soundtrack includes original tracks from the group Dry Cell.

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