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    Top Gear: Dare Devil for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Top Gear: Dare Devil for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    A mission-based racer from Kemco, Top Gear Dare Devil boasts 27 missions spanning four cities across the globe -- London, Rome, San Francisco, and Tokyo. As a member of an international renegade racing club, the objective of the single-player adventure is to collect a set number of coins, known as Dare Devil Tokens, and then reach a final checkpoint marker before the allotted time limit expires. To do so, players will need to weave through the bustling city traffic while avoiding the numerous obstacles that dot the landscape. Though it's possible to complete a mission without obtaining every single coin, finding them all will unlock additional cars for future use. Clocks and nitro boosts scattered about the cities aid the player by providing additional time and turbo boosts, respectively, while wrenches endow the player with additional continues. Happening upon every key hidden throughout the city will unlock a bonus stage where the objective is to earn points by crashing into as many obstacles as possible, also within a given time limit. Successfully doing so will award the car used in the stage with a brand new paint job. Aesthetically modeled after real-world cars, the vehicles offered in Top Gear Dare Devil are rated in handling, acceleration, and maximum speed categories. A Free Roam mode is offered for those wishing to simply take in the sights, but this too is timed; players have five minutes to explore the ins and outs of each city. The multiplayer portion of the title supports two-player split-screen matches in three different gameplay disciplines, namely, Lap Racing, Bomb Tag, and Coin Grab. Lap Racing is a standard speed race through the city, while Coin Grab mimics the single-player adventure, tasking players with collecting more coins than their opponent. The last of the three multiplayer modes, Bomb Tag, sees each player attempting to get rid of the bomb in their possession. While in possession of the explosive, the player will slowly accrue points, but regardless of the final point tally, the player stuck with the bomb when it explodes is declared the loser.

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