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    Italian Job, The for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Italian Job, The for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Based on the 2003 film starring Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton, itself a remake of the 1969 movie starring Michael Caine, The Italian Job follows the story of a professional thief named Charlie Croker who plans and executes a gold bullion heist in Venice, Italy, without a hitch. Things do not go as smoothly after the job, however, as one of Croker's crew decides to double cross him. The action moves from the narrow streets of Italy to bustling Los Angeles as Croker plots his revenge by engineering a complex plan to take the gold back. Players will get a chance to play Croker and his gang in Story Mode, which spans 15 driving missions featuring 11 vehicles, including the film's MINI Cooper. Once a mission is completed, players will receive a letter ranking used to continue their progress. Earning a "C" allows players to advance to the next mission, while an "A" is needed to unlock vehicles, movie footage, stunt courses, or other bonuses. Missions are graded in the following areas: time remaining, distance traveled, stunts, airtime, and the amount of environmental damage caused while racing. There are also point deductions for each time players re-start, collide with traffic, or sustain damage. Missions in Story Mode generally involve reaching a specific area as quickly as possible. For those who prefer more traditional racing, The Italian Job features a Circuit Racing mode in which solo players can race against three computer drivers on ten courses. Two players can also participate in this mode simultaneously against two computer opponents. Stunt Driving mode has players racing MINI Coopers to test their prowess in cornering, driving on two wheels, and in other challenges. Those more interested in learning the layouts of the featured locales can select the Free Roam mode to eliminate time limits, opponents, and missions.

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