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    Eternal Ring for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Eternal Ring for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    A first-person RPG similar in vein to the Wizardry and King's Field series, Eternal Ring tells of the kingdom of Heingaria; a land in turmoil as warmongering Elders and a powerless king vie for control. As Cain Morgan, the adopted son of the king's general, players journey to the Island of No Return in the hope that you'll be able to retrieve the fabled Eternal Ring, while at the same time uncovering more about your past and your true destiny. Upon arrival, Cain has little more than a short sword with which to defend himself, but as the adventure progresses, players will acquire stronger melee weapons and powerful magic rings. It is from these rings that Cain derives much of his power. Delineated according to Attack, Support, or Summon sensibilities and aligned with one of the six elements (Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, Dark, and Light), these rings imbue the player with various defensive and offensive capabilities, including the ability to restore HP, cure various "status" ailments, render Cain temporarily invulnerable, and summon powerful Dragon entities. Battles take place in real-time and allow the player to strafe and attack enemy characters at will. Defeated entities can sometimes yield equipment, items, and Magic Gems. The Magic Gems acquired on your travels double as a rudimentary form of currency as well as being utilized in the creation of rings. Each Magic Gem possesses differing levels of power, and if carefully combined can result in powerful, high-level rings. In addition to those rings that have a more tangible effect on the hero, attribute rings can be gleaned that increase Cain's various attributes when worn. As players explore the dungeons and villages scattered about the island they'll interact with Non-Playing Characters in order to glean pertinent information, and to purchase useful items from them.

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