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Zone of the Enders for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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Zone of the Enders for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
On the fringes of human existence, deep within the black void of space, live the people known as "Enders," pioneering colonists who've endured great hardship to settle Mars and the gravity of Jupiter. Far from the inner sphere of control, the Enders live with relative autonomy, but that also means they live without protection. The colonies are ripe for invasion. A young boy named Leo Stenbuck is thrust into the conflict as he and his companions witness the beginnings of the terrorist threat in a junkyard. While his friends are all killed, Leo manages to escape and discovers an enormous robot called Jehuty. As its pilot, Leo finds himself wrapped up in a battle that will determine the course of the Zone of the Enders forever. Zone of the Enders for the PlayStation 2 was produced by Hideo Kojima, who is best known for designing the Metal Gear series. In it, players will take on the role of Leo as he pilots Jehuty through a dangerous world of terrorism, intrigue, and bloodthirsty enemies waiting to see him destroyed and the Enders conquered. The game primarily takes place in Leo's home world of Antilia, the orbiting colony of Jupiter. Players will control Jehuty on an overworld map, digging into the title's plot by traveling to various cities and locations, searching for discs and items that will upgrade its systems. They will also answer various S.O.S. calls when the enemy suddenly attacks. In contrast to similar titles that have appeared on the PS2, Zone of the Enders' gameplay eschews the more traditional simulation aspects in an attempt to give the game a quicker pace. Jehuty has a number of different attacks with which to take out the array of enemies it will face. It can lock on to enemies, and depending on the distance, it will attack in different ways. For distant volleys it has a projectile attack, and when things get up close and personal, it will unleash an electrical sword for even more damage. It can also acquire special weapons to do larger amounts of destruction, or it can pick up a nearby enemy and throw it into other enemies or buildings. In Zone of the Enders, players will often find themselves fighting in populated areas, such as cities, and they must do what they can to avoid collateral damage. If they destroy too many buildings or allow too many casualties to occur, they will receive a poor rating for the stage. Once the main game is defeated, a two-player battle mode will unlock, allowing gamers to select from a number of different robot-types and take each other on.

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