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Casper: Spirit Dimensions for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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Casper: Spirit Dimensions for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Casper: Spirit Dimensions puts players in the role of the plucky ghost as he engages a great evil from the spirit world intent on conquering the mortal world. Casper might be a friendly ghost, but he is a ghost all the same, and this is reflected in the game itself, as it gives players the opportunity to fly in all directions as they control Casper on his dangerous quest. In the game, players use both analog sticks to control Casper, who can fly up, down, sideways, and in basically any direction the player can think of. He also has a spirit blast to take out the numerous enemies he'll meet during his journey. He's helped on his mission by good friend Wendy the Witch. It seems that the sinister spirit Kibosh has taken over the whole spirit world, and is now planning on starting his assault on the mortal realm. Casper will have to navigate the four different spirit dimensions under Kibosh's control. These include the Medieval World, The Spirit Amusement Park, Kibosh's Factory, and The Spirit World itself. In each of these locations, Casper will have to locate scattered items to progress to new areas, battle a horde of enemies, including boss characters for each level, and eventually take on Kibosh himself. It might sound like a little much for a friendly sprit, but with your help, it's likely Casper has more than a ghost of a chance to succeed.

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