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    Primal for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Primal for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Assume the forms of deadly demons and fight for survival through numinous realms of unreality in Primal, a PS2-exclusive fighting adventure of dark, otherworldly themes. To those in the "real" world, young and pretty Jen Tate seems mostly gone already. After a rough mix-up at a nightclub, she has fallen into a coma and now lies lifeless. Yet in the other realm, in the surreal worlds of a less certain place and time, Jen fights on dynamically, to save a fading friend and her own existence. Though native to the world of "Mortalis" (or "reality," as most of us call it), Jen's essence now moves through "Oblivion," a disturbingly fantastic world split asunder by the conflicts of order and chaos. The four realms of Oblivion are divided, some light and others dark, some full with ocean and others ablaze with volcanic flame, all posing different threats to Jen's survival. She must face the challenges of each world if she is ever to return to the life she once knew. Yet Jen does not face these challenges alone. She is accompanied on her journey by an animated gargoyle called Scree. Scree has many special abilities that are invaluable to the duo as they travel the realms of Oblivion. He scales walls and can reach remote areas. He can also "possess" statues found along the way, to take on a variety of other useful forms. Jen's own special powers in Oblivion are more direct, though no less daunting. She can morph into four different demon forms, each with different attack styles and special moves, all deadly in melee combat. Players guide the two characters together through the underworlds, taking control of each in turn as the circumstances require. While the game features a full-fledged 3D fighting system and many vicious opponents, there is also much hidden to the heroes. Areas must be explored and secrets uncovered. Jen and Scree must work together to gain access to new locations, and to overcome the demonic foes they are sure to encounter in each new realm.

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