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    RC Revenge Pro for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    RC Revenge Pro for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    The game series that began as Re-Volt has come to the Playstation 2, bringing remote-controlled action and mayhem to the next-generation system. While most racing games seek to bring the realistic feel of driving an actual car into the virtual world, RC Revenge Pro tries to capture the whimsy of RC racing. RC Revenge Pro has decidedly kart-style overtones and will take you through tracks that could only exist in the imagination of those who designed them. RC Revenge Pro is a behind-the-back racer where players can control cars designed to emulate the appearance of RCs. The tracks, however, are based not on the real-life dirt tracks or parking lots where you'd expect to find RC cars tooling around on a Saturday afternoon. Rather, they are themed like the sections of amusement parks: Horror World, Planet Adventure, Jungle World, etc. Each of the six different themes has several tracks devoted to it, and there are 19 total unique tracks. Through the act of winning races and tournaments and obtaining the various cups, players can unlock "secret" tracks, which are mirrored and reversed versions of the original 24, technically boosting the amount of unique racing tracks up to 96. There are 19 different vehicles available in the game, plus the boats that you use on the Revenge Pro's several water tracks. These each have different speed, acceleration, and handling ratings. The more massive vehicles have better stability, but the smaller ones are quick and nimble, even if they do get smashed all over the track from the lightest blows. Most kart-style games offer a variety of weapons, and RC Revenge Pro is no different, serving up 12 different power-ups, ranging from offensive ones, like the bouncing mines or heat ray, to purely defensive ones, such as the shield. There are also pick-ups that can boost your speed and bring you to the head of the pack. The game offers several different modes, including Championship, which is where you'll unlock all of the game's secrets by taking on eight different levels of competition, seeking the gold. If that's too much work for you, you can choose a Single Race or Time Trial, and of course, what would a racing game be without the ability to match up with your friends. RC Revenge Pro allows two racers to go head to head in split-screen action.

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