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    Shadow of Rome for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Shadow of Rome for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    It will take both brains and brawn to conquer the corruption of Julius Caesar's Rome, so this action-adventure from Capcom offers two playable characters and encourages gamers to switch between them as they face its various challenges. The brave warrior Agrippa is at work on the battlefield when he learns that the emperor has been killed, and that his own father is now being held as an enemy of the state in connection with the crime. In his quest to restore his family's honor and discover the truth behind Caesar's demise, Agrippa will enter duels to the death, fight in the arenas as a gladiator, and compete in chaotic chariot races. To shed light on the intrigue surrounding the mysterious regicide, however, Agrippa will need the help of his friend Octavianus. The clever and well-connected Octavianus is more likely to be able to solve the game's adventure-style puzzles, which relate to Caesar's murder and the unfair trials of those who were loyal to him. Shadow of Rome is designed to offer a detailed, interactive re-creation of the capital city in 48 B.C., and features a number of famous locations and additional historical characters.

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