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    Sky Odyssey for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Sky Odyssey for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    With a combination of futuristic and old-school flying methods, Sky Odyssey launches the PlayStation 2 to the moon. Well...not really, more like the friendly skies. As the first flight simulation released on the 128-bit console, players are given 40 missions that range from landing planes on aircraft carriers to navigating caverns and waterfalls, rescuing an out-of-control hot air balloon, and refueling on a runaway train. Additionally, there is an assortment of weather conditions to avoid such as gale-force winds, torrential downpours, blizzards and thick fog. Perhaps the friendly skies comment was a bit on the false side of things. After individual missions have been completed, pieces of an ancient map will be uncovered and the player will be one step closer to earning the prestigious "Pilot's Wings." When all pieces of the map have been accumulated, a final mission will open up -- the nature of which remains a secret. Until that time, however, players will maneuver their chosen plane through exotic locations including mountainous peaks, tropical islands and disaster-ridden areas. What kinds of planes will you be piloting? The ten available planes include a Sword Fish Mk. I Biplane, an F4U Corsair, and a Stealth plane, although some are hidden. By completing the missions and revealing pieces of the map, hidden aircraft will become readily available. While planes come with handling issues and unique physics, you can enhance the aircraft with performance upgrades. Sky Odyssey has five gameplay options including the Adventure, Free Flight, Sky Canvas, Target and Training modes. Whereas the Adventure mode will have you uncovering lost pieces of the ancient map and unlocking hidden aircraft, the Free Flight gives you the option of exploring the exotic locations sans penalty. In the Sky Canvas mode, a smoke generator is used to create pieces of sky-based artwork. The Target mode enhances maneuvering skills by having you fly through a series of suspended targets in the sky. Finally, the Training mode is for novice players, teaching the mechanics of gameplay and offering helpful suggestions on becoming a better pilot. So there you have it. Are you good enough to plow through the given missions and unlock the hidden mysteries of your final destination? Sky Odyssey awaits!

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