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    Skygunner for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Skygunner for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    A modern 3D shooter with more than a passing tribute to similar games of old; Sky Gunner takes place in a fantastic world, with the focus on a small island by the name of Rive. Every year, the denizens of this island celebrate their inventive achievements by holding a showcase for these mechanized wonders. This year, however, the show's most prized asset -- the Eternal Engine -- is stolen by the maniacal Ventre, a sophisticated criminal genius. After choosing one of the Gunner duo (Ciel and Femme), you set out to put a stop to this evil scheme. The title's unique camera system allows players to focus on an enemy unit at all times, regardless of your current bearing or orientation. Utilizing the various weapons and sub-weapons at your disposal, you'll need to eliminate the throngs of enemy units that swarm about the game's five main environments. And by destroying large groups of enemies, combos can be linked together to increase your score. The off-the-wall special weapons include missiles of varying type, such as Fireworks, Cross, Dog, Pumpkin, and Bat. The fireworks-themed missiles explode in a rainbow of pyrotechnic color, while the Cross missiles are quite simply that -- holy crosses that stick to enemy units and can be subsequently detonated with a few well-placed shots. The Dog missile type decreases an enemy's mobility and delays their attacks. In addition, each plane is capable of performing a unique special maneuver. And should the considerable firepower at your disposal prove ineffective, a limited-time turbo boost can be employed. Prize money, based upon your performance, is earned at the conclusion of each mission. Two control schemes, for both novice and expert players, are available. The latter of which allows players more control over the plane's pitch and yaw. Additionally, players can choose from two graphic modes, one that allows for full graphical effects, but at the cost of a consistent frame rate, while the other stabilizes the frame rate, but to the detriment of visual quality. A language select option is included, allowing players to listen to the original Japanese voices with English subtitles or the dubbed English voice-overs. New characters and modes, such as an Album, Time Attack, and Survival mode can be unlocked by completing specific objectives.

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