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    Evolution Skateboarding for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Evolution Skateboarding for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Konami's first skateboarding game in the Evolution series of extreme sports titles features levels designed to be three times larger than the environments used in 2001's ESPN X Games: Skateboarding. Rather than go the traditional route, the developers include such elements as boss battles, against a giant spider or a runaway truck, before allowing players to advance. Also included is a system where players can design and tweak their own stunts. Further customization is supported in the Edit mode, where players can design a character from scratch, then take him out for a test skate around the 3D levels. Seven modes of play include Arcade, Trial, Free, Practice, Challenge, Versus, and Edit. Arcade mode presents players with a series of time-oriented objectives to complete in order to advance to the next stage. Eight professional skaters are available to choose from, including Danny Way, Chris Senn, and Colin McKay, each individually rated in speed, grind, balance, spin, turning, and ollie or jump. Objectives are broken down into the following key areas: achieving a high score, grinding for a certain distance, collecting a specific number of items, reaching a series of checkpoints, smashing certain types of objects, finding a hidden item, and performing a unique action specific to the environment (such as turning a fountain valve). Trial involves challenging other skaters to see who can score the most points in either Vert (ramp) or Park settings. Practice lets players work on perfecting their tricks in one of five areas, while Free Skate removes the time limit and supports skating on any stage unlocked in Arcade mode. Versus gives two players the chance to compete for a high score or to collect as many rings as possible. Challenge consists of five levels of tasks to be completed within a time limit, while Edit mode involves selecting facial features, hair, pants, shoes, and even a voice for a created skater before assigning status points to the six attributes. Other customization features include adjustable deck sizes, truck settings, wheel sizes, bearings, deck designs, deck tapes, and both truck and wheel colors.

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