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    PK: Out of the Shadows for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    PK: Out of the Shadows for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Donald Duck becomes a powerful superhero who vows to save the world in Disney's PK: Out of the Shadows. Originally created by Disney artists in Italy, this alternate version of Donald fights crime from a Batcave-like base of operations, deep inside Ducklair Tower. With the help of a sentient machine called Computer One, Donald will be able to use a number of inventive gadgets to battle evil. Players control the feisty fowl from a third-person perspective while navigating a mix of indoor and outdoor locales taken directly from the comic book series. The superhero is called into action when a hostile force of ducks called Evronians, led by the evil Zondag, invades Earth. Players, as PK, must destroy the army and rescue a group of innocent scientists who have been abducted. Each level contains six scientists, but there is one small catch: once the Envronians catch wind of PK's plan, a clock will appear and players need to quickly locate the remaining scientists before time expires. Other items found along the levels include activation stars, which let players resume progress at checkpoints, and upgrades for PK's customizable weapon: the X-Transformer. With the X-Transformer in hand, players can isolate enemies using a lock-on button and switch targets using the analog stick. Other moves at PK's disposal include a double jump, a first-person view to look around the areas, and an ability to change into new, more powerful costumes that grant him added abilities. As the X-Transformer acquires new upgrades, players will be able to send a remote-controlled weapon that can turn, strafe, and blast items in areas otherwise unreachable. PK will also have to deal with various boss characters on his way to the ultimate destination: the Evronian Mothership.

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