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    Barbarian for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Barbarian for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Barbarian is a melee-oriented adventure game with large, interactive arenas and a player-directed non-linear storyline. A powerful and evil being known only as Zaugg has cursed the land of Barbaria with his merciless greed and vile magic. Despair blankets the countryside, but the ancient prophecies that warned of these dark days also spoke of a great hero who would eventually rise to strike down the villain and free the land from his dreadful curse. Brave and powerful warriors from all walks of life in Barbaria now come forward, each with his or her own personal motivation to seek the destruction of the evil Zaugg. Barbarian features ten playable characters, each with a different style and blend of skills. The bold Dagan and the princess Keela seek vengeance for lost loved ones who fell at the hand of Zaugg. Others, such as the undead Oops and the cruel Malik, have suffered as minions of Zaugg and now seek to destroy their former master. Each of the characters faces a unique adventure featuring over 30 different quests to follow in the order of the player's choosing. Characters can also meet for one-time battles in the game's versus mode, which supports up to four players through the PS2's multitap.

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