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    Summoner for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Summoner for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Summoner is a 3D fantasy role-playing game with adjustable dynamic camera angles, exotic locations and utterly destructive summoning spells. The journey will take you throughout the lakeside village of Wolong, the Temple of Liangshan surrounded by a mysterious forest, the island monastery of Iona and the capital of the Kingdom of Medeva, Lenele. While interacting with helpful (or not so helpful) characters and destroying legions of monsters, Joseph and company will be on the hunt for powerful rings. Battles are conducted in real-time where players are able to select which summoned monsters will fight the presented enemies and command the party to victory. As Joseph summons a variety of Rock Golems, Demons and Minotaurs, players are treated to animations showing off that creature's power in the vein of Final Fantasy VII and its sequel. Along the way, your characters (up to five in any given party) will obtain new spells, summonable monsters and power upgrades via level-ups. Those with the power to channel magic and conjure destructive otherworldly creatures are known as Summoners; the ability is bestowed, or in some minds, cursed unwillingly upon newborn babies with a symbol on the hand. Some use magic for helpful purposes while others destroy cities and lands, ruling people with fear. Rather than embracing the powers of birthright, Joseph feared what he was capable of doing. And rightfully so. Within the blink of an eye, Joseph summoned a horrific monster that destroyed his hometown and slaughtered innocent villagers -- family members and people he had grown to love and cherish. He used his summoning powers for the sake of good; attackers had seized the town and threatened its folk. Though he was only trying to help, Joseph was exiled and damned for his actions. He swore to never use his summoning powers again. A few years later, the cryptic councilman Yago approached the young Joseph and informed him of his prophecy: to recover ancient summoning rings for the destruction of the intruding Orenia Army. Although he vowed to never summon again, Joseph accepted the quest for the sake of what's right. Throughout his journey, the Summoner will ally himself with a rogue-like thief named Flece, the councilor's daughter Rosalind and the valorous Jekhar, whose family was murdered in the tragic incident that caused Joseph's exile. Summoner is designed to take advantage of the PlayStation 2's next-generation rendering with altering terrain (hills) and lighting effects on magical spells. Game progression is savable via memory card.

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