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    Taz Wanted for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Taz Wanted for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Taz: Wanted has players controlling the famous Looney Tunes character as he spins, snarls, and slobbers his way across four worlds and 12 levels of 3D platform action. Yosemite Sam desperately wants Taz to be his next exhibit at the Yosemite Zoo and will stop at nothing to capture him. As a result, Sam has peppered the landscape with wanted posters, littered the ground with obstacles, and has unleashed a crew of net-wielding animal catchers. While Taz's first goal is to avoid getting captured, which involves destroying each level's seven wanted posters and running away from the animal catchers, he must also make his way back home to Tasmania. Taz's wanted level, represented by a cash bounty, gradually increases the longer he goes without being captured. The higher the bounty, the greater the likelihood of unlocking special new options from the menu screen. Each time Taz is caught, however, the bounty will decrease. As he makes his way across the four worlds, Taz can pick up five assorted ACME items for temporary power-ups. These include "invisibility potions" to temporarily disappear from an enemy's sight, "super burp soda cans" to destroy certain items, "hiccup soda" causing him to high jump, "mega hot chili peppers" to singe surrounding enemies, and "bubble gum" to fly for short distances. Taz's voracious appetite has not gone unnoticed by the developers, as the beast can consume most objects and items he runs across. As an added bonus, digested items can also be spit up as projectiles used to defeat enemies or to destroy objects. Taz can also find and gobble up sandwiches, which will reveal a bonus game once 100 have been eaten. In addition, all levels feature ACME Dial-a-Costume phone booths at various points. When Taz enters a phone booth, he'll be able to don one of ten disguises to fool enemies. Each costume also features one special attack that, if used, will permanently scare an enemy away from the level.

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