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    Time Crisis III 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Time Crisis III 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    An enhanced port of Namco's sharpshooting arcade game, Time Crisis 3 for PlayStation 2 features two additional play options: Crisis Mission and Rescue Mission. The coin-op-based Arcade Mode takes place in a fictional coastal town off the Mediterranean named Astigos, where a tyrannical army led by General Giorgio Zott has seized important members of a local group of freedom fighters. Players take control of special agents Wesley Lambert or Alan Dunaway to infiltrate the enemy's stronghold and lead the town's leaders back to safety. As in previous games in the acclaimed series, players automatically advance through 3D environments by shooting all enemies and seeking cover behind nearby structures or objects. Instead of merely blasting everything that moves, an integral part of Time Crisis is the ability to use barriers to avoid incoming fire, to reload equipped weapons, or to wait a few seconds until the enemy is vulnerable. The game lives up to its title by offering players a limited amount of time to dispatch the current threat and to advance to the next hotspot, forcing characters to act quickly instead of biding their time. New to the series is the ability to select from four different weapons while in the crouched position, allowing players more options while fighting enemies. The gun-toting soldiers and sword-swinging ninjas ordered to attack players also feature health bars so players will know how much punishment needs to be doled out to wipe out each new threat. The Crisis Mission scenario features an assortment of objectives to complete, with top performances earning medals used to unlock bonuses. The Rescue Mission option features a new character and play mechanic: players will take control of a female freedom fighter named Alicia Winston as she rescues hostages using her sniper rifle.

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