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    Top Angler for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Top Angler for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    From the creators of Sega Bass Fishing for the Sega Dreamcast, comes Top Angler, a Xicat Interactive-published fishing game for the PlayStation 2. Would-be digital fishermen can participate in Tournament, Arcade, Challenge, and Practice modes. The Tournament mode consists of one season, made up of five conferences running from spring through autumn. Each conference takes place over a 12-hour period from six A.M. to six P.M. The objective is to attain as high a gross weight of captured fish as possible. Each of the game's areas provides a wealth of spots from which to cast your line, though careful attention must be made to the prevailing weather conditions to ensure a successful day. Points are awarded based upon your ranking in the conference from just a single point for tenth to 50 points for first. The Challenge mode presents certain objectives that must be met within the allotted time and parameters. The Arcade mode is a three-minute race to catch as many fish as possible. Over 30 lures can be used in the game's various modes, to catch Largemouth Bass, Redeye, and Bluegills in addition to a host of others. When a fish bites, the screen splits allowing players to keep an eye on both their virtual angler as well as their prospective prey. The line dividing the two screens represents the tension of your fishing line and changes color depending on how tense or slack the line is. When the fish comes within a certain range of the boat you must maneuver a transparent semi-circle over the fish in order to scoop it up into the boat with your net. A clock at the top of the screen indicates the current time of day, which changes in real-time from dawn to dusk. Weather also changes throughout the course of a day. What starts out as a beautiful, clear day can soon give way to thick fog or thunderstorms.

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