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    V-Rally 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    V-Rally 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    With vehicles featuring up to 15,000 polygons, V-Rally 3 offers players the chance to build a career, beginning as a probationary driver of 1.6L front wheel drive machines, and culminating as a world class driver of 2.0L four-wheel drive cars. By successfully completing events and rallies, new sponsor contracts can be signed with increasingly difficult goals, new offers open up from companies looking for top drivers, and better equipment and cars become available. V-Rally 3 also offers quick racing formats of Time Attack and Challenges. Factors impacting on building a successful career include team morale, reliability, budget, and final rankings. Drivers continually try to improve personal data with ratings in velocity, consistency, goal achievement, and experience, and weigh new offers by way of e-mails received between rallies. Seasons consist of several rallies during a given year (four in 1.6L and six in 2.0L competition), with rallies occurring in six locales: Sweden, France, Corsica, Great Britain, Finland, and Germany. Gameplay features include five camera angles, a HUD display depicting upcoming turns, sectors, timer, gap, wheel spin, tachometer, speedometer, gear, shift light, and so forth, as well as a portable garage for car modifications between race stages (when allowed). Adjustments can be made on tire selection, pressure, suspension, ride height, stabilizers, gearbox ratio, differentials, and brakes. V-Rally 3 includes popular rally cars from more than a dozen top manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Hyundai and more. Multiplayer action is available for up to four players in Time Attack and Challenge modes, with support for the Logitech Driving Force (Force Feedback) wheel and Dual Shock 2 analog controllers. Instant replays after each race show speed, brake pressure, grip and gear selection in telemetry mode, with adjustable camera angles.

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