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    Giants: Citizen Kabuto for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Giants: Citizen Kabuto for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Giants: Citizen Kabuto blends classic elements of real-time strategy and 3D action in an interactive, organic environment. Violent power struggles take place on over 25 island settings. Both first- and third-person views are available, as well as special camera angles like Kabuto's "mouth-cam." Gamers can choose to play one of three different species in the plot-driven single-player campaign or in customizable multiplayer battles. Giants: Citizen Kabuto takes place on a life-supporting asteroid, far out in space. The game's namesake is an enormous bipedal creature who has lived upon the asteroid for as long as he can remember. The waters of this land are inhabited by Sea Reapers, magical vixens protected by strange, fearsome creatures. The Meccaryns began a group of vacationing young men who crash-landed on the asteroid and they now rule its skies with skill and technological superiority. All three of these rivals now compete for power and control, making use of the Smarties, an indigenous race who can help their patrons to manage resources and build bases. Each of the three competing species has its own distinct powers and liabilities and players are challenged to use of these differences to an advantage.

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