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    Gadget Racers for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Gadget Racers for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Known in Japan as Choro Q, Gadget Racers is a customization-heavy racing title offering a light-hearted take on the simulation racing sub-genre brought to prominence by such titles as Gran Turismo. Utilizing your choice of 100 super-deformed vehicles, single players can engage in a variety of racing disciplines such as Grand Prix, Duel, Endurance, Sprint, Engine Regulation, Off-Road Regulation, Parts Regulation, and Body Type Regulation. Each of the regulation-based modes presents players with a specific caveat, restricting eligibility to only those vehicles outfitted with the correct engine class, parts or body type; the Endurance event challenges players to compete in a series of races, each with a car more susceptible to damage; and Duel is a race against a single AI racer. Between events, players can pay a visit to the Tuning Shop where prize-money can be spent on modifications that will affect the handling, top speed, braking, acceleration, weight, or looks of the vehicle. Parts such as wings and skis for your vehicle can also be purchased. The multiplayer portion of the title supports up to four players via split-screen in seven game modes. Shooting Star, Dirt Special, and Splash Race have players racing in outer space, on motocross-style tracks, and across bodies of water, while Crash Deathmatch and Pinball Survival are Destruction Derby inspired contests in which the last vehicle intact is declared the winner. Super Chicken Race challenges racers to beat one another to the finish line, but not to fall off the cliff at the end. Lastly, Glide 'n Dive has players trying to reach the farthest body of land possible, without crashing into the ocean.

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