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Forever Kingdom for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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Forever Kingdom for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
A prequel to 2000's Evergrace, Forever Kingdom chronicles the adventures of Darius and his companions Ruyan and Faeana. An evil wizard named Darsul has cursed the three adventurers, causing their souls to become entangled as one. Only by exploring an ancient and mysterious land will they be able to free themselves. Unlike the first title, where players switched back and forth between two different adventurers, this incarnation follows all three characters. While only one character can be controlled at any given time, all share the same life bar referred to as a Soul Gage. Each character also has distinct physical and magical attacks to use on enemies. Gathering items and weapons plays an integral role in character development, as the leveling-up system found in traditional RPGs has been eliminated. Instead, a character's attributes are influenced by his or her equipment. Not only do changes made to an outfit alter ability in battle, but they affect the way other characters perceive players as well. Depending on how NPCs perceive them, players may receive cheaper items or be given information they would not otherwise be privy to. A character's weapons, clothes, and items are shown in real time, thus any changes made will instantly alter his or her outward appearance.

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