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    Dynasty Tactics for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Dynasty Tactics for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    The Three Kingdoms era of Early Imperial China serves as the backdrop for Dynasty Tactics, an offshoot of Koei's Dynasty Warriors series focusing on turn-based strategy instead of 3D action. As either Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Sun Ce players must carve a dynasty out of the chaos that has engulfed the region. Starting from a single capital, players must establish armies, nominate envoys, and recruit new officers to the cause while forming alliances, declaring war, and satisfying particular in-game objectives. The battles, which form the heart of play, pit armies of soldiers against one another in turn-based warfare. Each army under the player's control can be made up of four officers: a commander, strategist, and two generals, each of whom has thousands of soldiers at his disposal. The objective is to eradicate the opposing commander within a 30-day time limit (each day represents one full turn). Battles take place atop grid-like fields, with each officer capable of moving a certain number of spaces based on factors such as unit type and terrain. Turn order is based on the morale of each officer, with the highest morale moving first. After moving to the designated spot, officers can then be positioned in one of the four cardinal directions to set up potential Tactic Combos. Each officer possesses unique battle tactics such as repel, charge, switch, and pit that can be employed when certain battlefield conditions are met. Once executed, a cinematic sequence will play depicting the two sides engaged in a skirmish or other pertinent action. The ability to use tactics effectively involves proper placement and the correct orientation of an officer. The Aid Tactic, for example, can only be initiated when two allied officers are near an enemy, adjacent to each other, and are facing the same direction. Oftentimes, these tactics will automatically push or pull enemy units to different grid spaces, thereby facilitating the execution of Tactic Combos. Tactic Combos can be unleashed when the outcome of one tactic automatically triggers the necessary conditions required to execute another, with each subsequent combo doling out greater damage than the last. Although tactics are far more effective than ordinary attacks, they can only be used a limited number of times. At the conclusion of battle, the officer's level is increased based on the deeds performed in battle. High-level officers command larger numbers of troops and are also capable of executing advanced tactics. Between battles, players are taken to a map of the region, detailing enemy positions, political alignment, and other such pertinent information.

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