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    Dragon Rage for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Dragon Rage for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    The subject of many a legend and folktale, dragons are portrayed by various cultures as evil or as the complete antithesis thereof -- wise and noble warriors. Dragon Rage, a third-person shooter which borrows heavily from the likes of Panzer Dragoon, assumes the latter, and grants the user control of a dragon named Cael. As one of the few remaining dragons, Cael must avenge the death of his brethren who were hunted down and killed at the hands of the malevolent orcs. Using his inherent fire-breathing powers and strength, Cael must complete objective-based missions that range in scope from the slaughter of entire orc armies to acquiring eggs. Livestock can be consumed to replenish energy, while snacking on orcs restores mana, which enables the use of powerful elemental magic. Rage powers, as they are called, can be obtained by eating five cows and sacrificing their souls at a shrine. Shrines imbue the dragon with elemental abilities that increase his defensive and offensive capabilities. In addition, each cow consumed refills both health and mana levels. By pressing the requisite buttons, players can perform 180-degree turns, barrel rolls, and strafe to avoid hostile attacks. A sprite-girl named Adara, whose parents are being held captive by the orcs, accompanies Cael on his journey and grants him special powers as the need arises. Six multiplayer-exclusive levels allow players to compete in Egg Hunt, Feeding Frenzy, and Dragon Duel game events.

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