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    Clock Tower 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Clock Tower 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    In a significant departure from previous titles in the series, Clock Tower 3 supplants the point-and-click interface of its predecessors with an analog control scheme akin to that found in other genre entrants, Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. The title tells the tale of Alyssa, a young schoolgirl sent to boarding school purportedly for her safety. Failing to heed the warnings of her family she returns home, only to find it deserted save for malicious apparitions and a bevy of sadistic killers. Players will need to seek out items and clues in order to solve puzzles, appease the ghosts that plague the area, and remain alive long enough to uncover the dire truth. Armed with little more than Holy Water (able only to stun enemies), Alyssa will need to run away or hide from her attackers whenever possible. They will relentlessly pursue Alyssa from room to room until she makes use of Hide and Evade Points scattered about the environments. These are revealed by onscreen indicators, and provide brief sanctuary for Alyssa when pursued by an enemy. Evade Points allow the young schoolgirl to use whatever objects are at hand to temporarily stun the advancing enemy, giving her a window of opportunity in which to escape. Hide Points, however, provide the luckless protagonist with a place to remain unseen until the attacker leaves. Close shaves with the aforementioned killers and other heart-stopping incidents will increase the Panic Meter, a tangible indicator of Alyssa's current fear level. When full, Alyssa will become hysterical; a state that hinders her movement and makes her overly susceptible to enemy attacks, so much so that a single blow will kill her. By hiding away or utilizing special calming items, she can rein in her hysteria within acceptable levels.

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