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    Aqua Aqua for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Aqua Aqua for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    AquaAqua puts you in control of an earth-like terrain on a mission to help the Aquas (colorful and strangely familiar water spirits) find balance between dry land and water on "THE PLANET." By creating mountains from land-based pieces called "uppers," you can trap rain and water-based pieces to create lakes. If the mountains grow too high, a devastating earthquake may occur. If the water flows too freely across the land, you will ultimately flood your terrain and fail. You must balance these forces while dealing with other (sometimes helpful) obstacles such as bombs, fireballs, and ice cubes. The Aquas protect the land from four evil monsters spanning from the Paleozoic era up to the era of ancient civilization (30,000 B.C.). One of the evil monsters dominates each of the game's four eras. It will attempt to destroy your terrain unless you and the Aquas can earn enough points and establish a proper balance between wet and dry land. If you can earn enough points, the "SUPREME BEING" will protect you and the Aquas until the next monster confrontation. As the levels progress, the points a player must accumulate in order to earn protection increase exponentially, but if a player can create tiny lakes suitable for "Lake Mates" (which vary from era to era) points are doubled for each one on the screen. Similarly, small items the Aquas collect may help form a "bingo," leading to point and terrain power-ups that last for one minute. In this update to Wetrix and Wetrix+, AquaAqua features the Story Mode described above and a quick Puzzle Mode wherein the player must simply survive as long as possible until his or her water meter floods. The game also assigns rankings based on the point total. Attaining a "Master" ranking on all four Story Mode levels unlocks a "Hidden Future" level. By completing an eight-part training mode you also unlock a two-player Versus Mode. The goals of the two-player mode are to prevent flooding in your terrain and acquire bingo items that can be used as attacks on the other player's screen. When one player's water meter reaches maximum capacity, the other player wins.

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