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    Jet X2O for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Jet X2O for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Jet X20 is a futuristic watercraft racing game featuring eight varied courses and a total of eight male and female riders, each individually rated in balance, strength, weight, and trick ability. The object of the game is to place first on each of the tracks by weaving through colored gates and boosting ahead of the competition by performing one of 30 tricks. Three modes of play include Single Event, which is playable by one or two competitors, World Tour, and Big Wave. Ten watercraft are available to select or unlock as the game progresses, each differing in handling, speed, acceleration, and stability. Single Event consists of one race on a choice of unlocked courses and is playable by one or two players. World Tour offers players three levels of difficulty that dictate the number of courses available. The Amateur circuit consists of four races, Pro spans six, and Expert offers a complete series of eight races across the eight venues. Entering the World Tour is the only way to reveal each of the courses while unlocking additional features such as craft decals, wetsuits, improved watercraft attributes, new riders, and more vessels. Big Wave features a wide-open course so players can practice such moves as barrel rolls, flips, and character-specific tricks, which are needed in Trick Mode competitions held during the World Tour. Other competitions include Combo Mode, where players perform as many tricks as possible while completing the course in the shortest time, and Race Mode, which solely involves beating opponents to the finish line. Courses range from submerged cities in Aquatica to the arctic caverns in PermaFrost. Each offers shortcuts, ramps, waterfalls, rapids, and more, as an offbeat announcer named Malcolm provides the play-by-play.

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