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    Haunted Mansion, The for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Haunted Mansion, The for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    The first game based on the popular Disney attraction, The Haunted Mansion has players navigating the dark and foreboding Gracey Mansion while solving puzzles, interacting with ghosts, and piecing together the mystery surrounding the abandoned property. Players will make their way through a banquet hall, grand ballroom, armory, conservatory, attic, mausoleum, and more while figuring out a way to bring the restless spirits haunting each room to peace. The action is played from a third-person perspective behind the lead character of Zeke Holloway, a would-be caretaker armed only with a lantern, who soon learns he must switch on the mansion's numerous lights before going about the unsettling business of collecting all 999 trapped souls. In order to find and activate the switches, players need to complete a variety of interactive puzzles, explore hidden passageways, and confront creatures such as giant spiders. Yet players are not entirely alone in their adventure, as the voice of deceased fortuneteller Madame Leota helps shed light on things where even Zeke's lantern cannot reach. This lantern is much more than a common tool, with the ability to fire projectiles as well as suck-up souls like a vacuum. The lantern can also be powered-up by completing tasks for some of the game's friendlier ghosts. As Zeke advances through all 20 rooms, he'll need to overcome being shrunk to the size of a pool ball, dodge flying plates, and figure a way out of several other paranormal predicaments lurking behind each new door.

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