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    Wallace & Gromit: Project Zoo for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Wallace & Gromit: Project Zoo for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    The Claymation exploits of Wallace and Gromit move from Academy Award-winning short films to PlayStation 2 in a title that has players guiding Gromit (with his loyal owner Wallace tagging along) in a quest to free imprisoned baby animals. It seems the conniving penguin Feathers McGraw has enslaved the zoo's critters in order to unearth valuable gems to fuel his beloved Diamond-O-Matic. The result is an adventure spanning five main levels of exploration, puzzle solving, and the trademark humor for which the series is known. As players venture deeper into the different sections of the zoo, they'll advance through a total of 24 sub-levels and an assortment of mini-games. As in their series of films, Wallace and Gromit make use of a variety of inventions to assist them in their journey, including such devices as the Porridge Gun, Coal Flinger, Banana Launcher, and Knitting Machine. Gromit can also perform head spins, backflips, and tiptoe around to avoid the zookeepers, monkeys, and/or henchmen trying to stop him. Fortunately for players, the duo will be able to cover more ground in certain areas by hitching a ride on springy boots, a mine cart, toboggan, and gyrocopter.

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