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    Unison for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Unison for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Unison is a rhythm-based dance game that has you taking control of a young girl trying to master a series of routines for a live television broadcast. Set 200 years in the future, the high-tech city of Twin Ships is under oppression. Its ruler Ducker has proclaimed music the only form of creative expression -- but music is only meant for listening and not dancing. With Ducker's magical voice commanding the airwaves, it is up to an intrepid team of young dancers known as Unison to free the city of his control. With the help of Doctor Dance, the girls interrupt the airwaves and broadcast their hip dance routines to the citizens of Twin Ships. If they can practice their routines to perform well enough on the air, the girls have a chance at winning over the people's support and overthrowing the Ducker regime. Players can choose which member of the Unison trio they want to help. Trill has the easiest steps, Cela's are harder, and Chilly's moves are the most difficult. By utilizing both analog sticks, players control the timing and movement of a dancer's routine. Practice makes perfect, and players will have time to memorize their dance moves before the big broadcast on the air. If a player fails while on live TV, however, the game is over and Ducker has won. If the character succeeds, though, the plot advances and new songs and more challenging dance routines lie ahead. Up to three people can play a multiplayer dance mode at "Club Tecmo," and by clearing certain conditions, new songs can be unlocked. There are also lesson modes for extra training. The soundtrack features popular artists, such as Nelly, Aqua, and KC and The Sunshine Band.

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